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Ratchet and Talwyn by Lurking-Leanne Ratchet and Talwyn by Lurking-Leanne
Talk about original title! :lol:

Told you guys the next couple I'll draw would be innocent!

I've never drawn this couple before, and this is only my second try at drawing Talwyn. Ever. I figured it would be nice to draw Ratchet again so I went with this idea :meow: bet you guys weren't expecting this!

Out of all the girls Ratchet has encountered in the series so far, I really do think Talwyn is his best 'match'. Especially after reading the comic series. Seriously, I'm shocked at how very FEW fans have read the comics. Shame on you if you haven't.
Although I see Ratchet & Talwyn more as very close friends than a 'serious' romantic couple. I still believe Ratchet's not mature enough for a real relationship... yet. And he's too busy anyway :XD:
So I came up with this drawing them them. They're supposed to be chatting inside the Apogee Station, but I didn't have good reference so it probably looks random.

Just so you guys know, I don't mind Sasha and Angela with Ratchet too! Sasha & Ratchet were together for a while, yes, but their different lifestyles and Sasha's maturity shows that they really couldn't stay together for long. And I think Angela is a bit out of Ratchet's age range ^^;
So yeah, it's no big deal to me who Ratchet is paired up with
okay, as long as it isn't slash/yaoi crap or a mary-sue then I'm cool with it XD

Scanner did a terrible job capturing the colours too, as usual >_< Ratchet's colours look a lot better on paper.

Can't wait to draw the next couple though :giggle:

Created with: Copic Markers & Multiliner Pens.
Characters: Ratchet & Talwyn © to Sony, developed by Insomniac Games.
References/Help used?: None

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February 10, 2013
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