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Sly Cooper by Lurking-Leanne Sly Cooper by Lurking-Leanne
Most original title ever!

Well, this took me hours. I started the sketch last week, and slooooowly coloured this over the past 4 days with my terrible hand. I could have finished this in a day or two :p but I am pleased that I got it done at least.

So here's Sly Cooper, the lovable thieving raccoon :D I really enjoy his games, and I have been playing Thieves in Time lately. But thanks to my hand, I had to stop playing last week :C
But that game really rocks. I even like the new art style, it's actually easier for me to draw xD well I still have my own style, but yeah. There may be some more Sly related fanart from me as my hand recovers from the pains.

This is actually a giftart for a good friend of mine. He hasn't seen it yet (Im giving him the original in person, lol) but I hope he likes it. He's a fan of Sly, and well, I thought it would be great to draw Sly :D it has been YEARS since I last did! (2005) hope he looks okay here! Be gentle on me, I've only drawn him... twice now XD

Created with: Copic Markers & Multiliner Pens.
Characters: Sly Cooper © to Sony, developed by Sucker Punch/Sanzaru Games.
References/Help used?: None except character ref, also looked at a background but I drew my own version of it.

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March 14, 2013
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